Business Editing & Writing

Brandt Street Press brings more than 30 years of business communications experience to bear on your work. Whether it's internet copy or copy for newsletters, brochures, annual reports or ads, we can help you stand out from the crowd. We fashion and edit copy that hits home with customers and clients. And our experience in managing print and electronic publications has given us insight we can share with you to improve your newsletters, brochures and ads and boost your readership.

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B2B and C-level Communications

We have extensive experience in B2B and C-level communications. Businesses talk to other businesses in unique ways. We understand how those relationships work and can bring a wealth of B2B experience to bear on those communications. And whether you're a CEO, COO, CFO or other corporate officer, we can help you craft context-sensitive messages to business clients, boards, employees or other audiences that always keep you on top of your game.

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Naming & Branding

New program and don’t know what to name it? Over the past 15 years, we’ve named programs, projects and products—some of them recognized across the tri-state area. We’ll work with your team to find the perfect name. Looking to reinvent your image? We can help you take your project or organization to the next level with a clear, credible brand that will reach your customers or stakeholders both emotionally and intellectually. Together we’ll motivate clients and increase customer loyalty.

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