From Memory to Story: Family History

What students are saying...

"Since I'm not a writer, I was nervous about taking Anita's class, but I didn't need to be. I never had to read my work, and by the end of the first class I was looking forward to the next. I not only learned to write about family, but now I look at family in a different way. I recommend this course. It's fun!"

- Jim P.
"This was not a typical writing course, and thank goodness for that! The emphasis was not on the technical aspects of writing, but rather on capturing the small moments in family life that hold meaning and are at the core of memorable family history. It takes a special person to create the kind of safe atmosphere in which stories can emerge comfortably through conversation. Thank you, Anita!"
– Peggy M.

About the Class

This six-week course will change the way you look at writing family history.

Open to both writers and non-writers, the course combines conversation and writing to explore what it really means to write a family history. You’ll learn about theme and format, and you’ll learn things about your family you never knew before.

This is not a traditional writing class. There are no critiques. Instead, we are driven by memories and curiosity.

Classes are currently being taught on Zoom. The price is $120 for the six-week course.

To learn when the next class will be offered, or if you'd like information about private lessons, contact

Anita Kulina is the author of Millhunks and Renegades, A Question of Devotion and Reason for Concern. She has been writing family history for herself and others for over 25 years.

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