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My seminar lasts one hour. How long will my book be?
The average talk generally translates to pages with this simple equation.
2 minutes talking = 1 page of writing

How much will this cost?
Your cost depends upon the length of your talk. On average, a book will cost $25 per minute of talking. We'll tell you the exact price after we receive your recording and any handouts you would like to include.

Is this a good investment for me?
You know how many people attend your talks, and you know what the market is for your topic. Consult our Let's Talk Money page to decide whether this is a reasonable investment for you.

My talk is only 30 minutes long. Is that enough material for a book?
A successful book can be long or short. What's important is what you say, not how long it takes you to say it.

How do I record my talk?
You can either have someone record your talk live, or you can record it by yourself, in the privacy of your home or office. Feel free to use whatever recording equipment you already have, whether it's state-of-the-art digital or the standard cassette or microcassette tape recorder you've been using for years. The recording doesn't have to be studio quality. We just need to be able to understand everything you say.

My talk isn't a seminar, it's a workshop. Can you turn my workshop into a book?
Absolutely. You follow the same process, and send us any handouts you use. We will incorporate into the book the material you teach, following your teaching methods, and using your voice.

What about copyright?
You are the author. The copyright on your book belongs entirely to you.

What exactly will I receive for my investment?
The final product you receive will be an ebook, including cover, in pdf form. You'll also receive the text as a Word document, in case you decide to revise your book in the future, and a pdf formatted to send to your local print shop or to an online print-on-demand company.

If you prefer a printed book, we will be happy to recommend a variety of reasonably priced, quality options.

Will anyone know I had a ghostwriter?
Your name is the only name that will appear on the book. The only way anyone will know you had a ghostwriter is if you tell them. Because many famous people use ghostwriters and it's becoming much more common to do so, you may feel comfortable letting people know that you've hired us. We will not divulge that information, however, without your permission.

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